The Funzie Fund for Adoption is a fund that Funzie Onezie has set up to  financially help couples who want to adopt a child, but can’t afford the high cost associated with adopting.  Funzie Onezie was initially started as a way to help fund the owner’s future adoption expenses, but will open up to other couples in the future.

There are many reasons people may want to adopt a child, whether that be because they can’t (or don’t want to) have biological children or because they feel called to adopt, or any number of reasons in between. But the number one obstacle facing potential adoptive parents is cost. Adopting can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and that is what the Funzie Fund helps with as we at Funzie Onezie strongly believe in, support, and encourage adoption.

Fifty percent (50%) of all profits from sales at will go into the Funzie Fund. You may find a running total of the Funzie Fund on our website.

Please note: Funzie Onezie (and the Funzie Fund) is NOT a 501(c)3 organization as we don’t receive direct donations, but a portion of sales go into the fund. Therefore, customers are unable to write off any Funzie Onezie purchases as a donation for tax benefits.